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A Remote-Keyholding Platform owned and operated by Empress Eva Strangelove and her loving slaves
About Chastity

Being locked in enforced chastity can be hugely beneficial, leveraging primal desires to motivate productive habits and behaviors.

Enforced chastity can help you become more focused in your work, attain and maintain health goals, and be a better partner.

Through the use of orgasm deferral and denial, you have the tools to push yourself to be your best you.

About Caged.app

Caged.app is a home-grown web application for remote locking/unlocking of key cages. No matter where you are in the world, your keyholder can lock or unlock your cage as long as they have an internet connection. There is finally an elegant solution for remote keyholding. More on O/our origin here.

Logo by Tara Kenny

You can also track your own device lock/unlocks for free! Find out more here.

Caged.app is a platform for keyholders and their devoted. We do not offer keyholding services.

About Empress Eva

The Empress is an experienced professional domme based in Austin, Texas. Find out more about her.

About the Devices
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Each device is hand-fashioned from natural wood and glass and includes locked/unlocked indicator lights and an internal light for illuminating cage contents. Devices are designed to be locked and unlocked remotely from any location with an Internet connection. Each device comes with a unique serial number and the Empress's signature etched on a nameplate to guarantee authenticity. Find out more here.

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